Accepted Manuscripts


Review the Manuscript

Once your manuscript has been accepted for publication, we will send it to the journal’s style editor, which is part of the normal process for manuscripts we intend to publish. The style editor uses the “Track Changes” feature (under Tools in Microsoft Word) to make recommendations.

To revise your manuscript, please log on to Manuscript Central and enter the Author Center. Find your manuscript listed under “Manuscript Decisions.” Click Actions: Create a Revision. Your manuscript number will be appended to denote a revision. Using Microsoft Word, you can easily accept or reject changes. First select the sentences containing suggested changes, then click Tools: Track Changes, and follow the directions. Some revision requests from the style editor will require somewhat more work.

The style editor is not an economist, which helps in terms of the journal’s goal to make articles clear and compelling to an interdisciplinary and international audience, but which may also occasionally lead to suggested wordings or questions one would not expect from within the discipline. Please consider this as you review your manuscript. Most authors have appreciated the style editor’s suggestions, but if they would inappropriately change your meaning, please use your own good judgment about how best, or whether, to incorporate them. The journal’s staff has already reviewed the style editor’s suggestions and removed any we feel are out of line, so we encourage you to consider the remaining ones seriously.

Contact Information

Verify the contact information contained in your Manuscript Central account by logging on to the site, and clicking Edit Account in the upper-right corner. Please provide relevant telephone and fax numbers and any additional e-mail addresses, in case we need to reach you with any urgent questions about your manuscript. Also, at the end of the manuscript, please insert the following information (Office phone, Home phone, Cell phone, Other, Fax)

In case of multiple authors, please include contact numbers for each. We will not publish these numbers. They are for journal office use only.

Headers, Author Biographies, Abstract, JEL Codes

Please verify that the information you provided when submitting your manuscript is accurate. Make any changes in both the manuscript file and on Manuscript Central.

Once the manuscript is prepared, you can upload it and submit it through the Author Center.

IMPORTANT: Your original files are available to you when you upload your revised manuscript. Please delete any redundant files before completing the submission.

Send the Publishing Agreement

Before publication can proceed, all authors must print, fill out, sign, and mail the journal’s Publishing Agreement (76.5 KB)

Please see more complete details about the Transfer of Copyright.

Review the Proofs

The journal’s publisher, Routledge, will do further copy-editing, though this will be comparatively minimal. Please see more complete details about Instructions for Proofs.