Special Issues and Symposia

Feminist Economics Special Issues

Once a year, Feminist Economics publishes guest-edited special issues on important topical concerns on which feminist research and analysis can make an impact. Our Associate Editors approve the proposals for these issues, which feature substantive introductions by the Guest Editors.

2.3 – In Honor of Margaret Reid

3.2 – Exploring the Methodological Boundaries of Economics

4.3 – Employment and Inequality in the US, in honor of Barbara R. Bergmann

6.1 – Children and Family Policy

6.3 – Globalization 

8.2 – Gender, Color, Caste, and Class

9.2-3 – Amartya Sen’s Work and Ideas: A Gender Perspective

10.2 – Lone Mothers

11.2 – Gender and Aging

12.1-2 – Women and Wealth

13.3-4 – Gender, China, and the World Trade Organization

14.4 – AIDS, Sexuality, and Economic Development 

15.3 – Inequality, Development, and Growth

16.3 – Unpaid Work, Time Use, Poverty, and Public Policy

17.4 – Unpaid Work, Time Use, Poverty, and Public Policy 

18.2 – Gender and International Migration

19.3 – Critical and Feminist Perspectives on Financial and Economic Crises

20.1 – Land, Gender, and Food Security

20.4 – Gender and Economics in Muslim Communities

21.3 – Engendering Economic Policy in Africa

22.1 – Voice and Agency

23.3 – Sex Work and Trafficking

24.2 – The Care Economy, Gender, and Inclusive Growth in China

26.1 – Reproductive Health, Care, and Employment



A collection of articles on a focused topic; shorter in length than a special issue, and usually (but not always) featuring an introduction.

4.1 – Equal Opportunities and Employment Change in European Economics

18.4 – Off the Record: Reconstructing Women’s Labor Force Participation in the European Past (Part 1)

19.4 – Off the Record: Reconstructing Women’s Labor Force Participation in the European Past (Part 2)

24.3 – Sustainability, Ecology, and Care


Article Series

Similar to a symposium, but the articles appear grouped over several issues, which may or may not be consecutive.

12.4, 13.2, 14.1 – Gender and Change in Central and Eastern Europe

  1. 2 – Feminist Economic Methodologies

15.4 – Feminist Economic Research Reviews



Short articles focused on a specific topic. Explorations were common in early issues of the journal but are no longer featured.

3.2 – Field Work and Methodology

4.2– Toward Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Perspectives in Economics: How and Why They Make a Difference 

5.1 – Using the Web for Teaching

10.3 – Feminist and Economic Inquiry in Central and Eastern Europe

11.2 – Gender and Aging: Cross-National Contrasts

12.3 – The Status of Women Economists

13.1 – Human Rights

14.3 – Time-Use Surveys in the South