Instructions for Proofs

Routledge, the publisher of Feminist Economics, will e-mail you the proof of your piece in PDF format. (To view the attachment containing your manuscript, you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download this software, free of charge, at Upon receipt of your proofs, please send a confirmation e-mail to Feminist Economics.


Please print the proof, check it carefully, and attend to any queries listed on the proof query sheet at the start of the file. If your changes are minimal and easy to explain (by listing the page number, paragraph, and line of each change), please submit corrections to your proofs via email to  Feminist Economics (do not mark the electronic PDF file). If you prefer to make your changes on the hardcopy of the manuscript, indicate them clearly and in ink. Then send the corrected proofs directly to the journal’s Editor, Diana Strassmann. All changes, whether via e-mail or on the hardcopy, must be returned within 72 hours of receipt of proofs. If you choose to mail your corrected proofs, please use an overnight delivery service.


Our courier address is:

Diana Strassmann, Editor 
Feminist Economics
Humanities Building, Room 106
6100 Main Street
Houston, TX 77005-1827, USA
Phone: 713-348-4660


Alternatively, you may fax corrections to 713-348-5495.

Make certain your marks are clear and legible in all instances and not too close to the margins, which may cause them to be omitted.