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Jan 2020

Reducing Vulnerable Employment: Is there a Role for Reproductive Health, Social Protection, and Labor Market Policy?

Sarah Gammage, Naziha Sultana & Allison Glinski Reproductive health and employment are inextricably linked for women. Across the globe, women are the primary caretakers of children, and a woman’s reproductive years tend to overlap with her economically productive years. Planned and unplanned pregnancy and childbearing affect women’s ability to pursue […]

The Demographic Transition and Women’s Economic Participation in Tamil Nadu, India: A Historical Case Study

Rohini Prabha Pande, Sophie Namy & Anju Malhotra This study analyzes the co-evolution of economic, social, governmental, and gender systems; the demographic transition; and women’s extra-domestic productive opportunities in Tamil Nadu, India. It examines how gender norms for women’s extra-domestic productive and domestic reproductive (motherhood) roles interacted with other upheavals […]

Do US TRAP Laws Trap Women Into Bad Jobs?

Kate Bahn, Adriana Kugler, Melissa Holly Mahoney & Annie McGrew This study explores the impact of women’s access to reproductive healthcare on labor market opportunities in the US. Previous research finds that access to the contraception pill delayed age at first birth and increased access to a university degree, labor […]

Quality of Contraceptive Use and Women’s Paid Work and Earnings in Peri-Urban Ethiopia

Neetu A. John, Amy O. Tsui & Meselech Roro Economic and reproductive empowerment mutually reinforce each other. However, while many studies have examined the importance of economic empowerment for reproductive empowerment, few have investigated the reverse relationship, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. This study uses retrospective contraceptive-use history and panel data […]